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Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were so nice this year, very laid back and I was glad that Grace and I got to do several fun activities together to really enjoy the holidays.  I also got a lot of things done in the past two weeks with the extra days off.  (yea!)  Now I’m groaning that it’s back to regular schedule starting Monday, the nice thing is that it looks like I rearranged the classes I teach and it looks like I’ll have Friday’s off this semester!

So, I promised to keep you updated on the Green Tea pills I started taking to see if they really do help with weight loss and…….not only did I not gain any weight over the holidays, but the scale confirms that I LOST 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks!  I think the green tea is helping.  Just 2 more lbs and I’ll have another 5lb goal met!!!

Anyway, the tree is put away now for another year, so I guess it’s back to regular life now.


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His Alone

This is quickly becoming one of my new favorites. It’s written by Jeanine Drylie and published by the WILDS. I’ve added the italics for emphasis.

His Alone

Before the Lord Almighty can in any great way use a man,
He first must teach that heart to seek
the glory of God alone.
The proudest heart that lusts for fame,
The heart that seeks for men’s acclaim,
When laid down at His feet in shame,
He’ll teach His praise alone.

Then, Lord, hear my plea, that truly for me to live
would be Christ and Christ alone;
That the glory might, in other’s sight be
His and His alone
, Yes, His alone.

As Moses learned in desert land
while guiding sheep o’er buring sand,
That when God would perform His plan,
‘Tis all of God alone.
As David, Job, and Joseph, too,
From trials sore which they went through,
When lifted up, so clearly  knew that God is Lord alone.

So when through deserts He must lead
to show His own their deepest need,
He does it for their good,
that they may seek His strength alone.
For when the heart its weakness knows,
‘Tis then to God the glory goes,
As bright the realization grows that Christ is all in all.

Then, Lord, hear my plea,
that truly for me to live would be Christ and Christ alone;
That the glory might, in other’s sight
 be His and His alone
, Yes, His alone.

Yes, His alone, His alone.
Yes, His alone, His alone.

This song has some beautiful and very strong lyrics.  What I’ve realized from these words is two things. 

#1, When people go through a hard time, even though we can’t always see it at the time, it’s happening for our  good to teach us to seek His strength alone. 

 #2, every situation that happens in my life happens so that other people can see the glory of God.  Like Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

 It takes a lot of faith to get to the point to totally give every aspect of your life over to God to let Him use your life for His glory.  I have a long way to go in this area, but this is my prayer.

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Happy 2009!!!  Can you believe it’s already 2009?  Just 10 years ago we were all hyped up about Y2K and now we’re sailing through  the 2000’s. 

I usually don’t like to see the old year end, but this year is different.  I am so excited about this year.  I think it’s because I’m self employed and I get to make all of my own business decisions.  God is blessing my business despite the national economic crisis, I have 4 new students that start next week and 3 others who will possibly start in the next month.  I am so thankful for each new student He sends my way and am so greatful every day that I am able to spend the majority of my day being a mom and that I don’t deal with all of the unnecessary  stress from the office politics.

Anyway…..here are my goals for 2009.  These are the big things I want to accomplish.  I will also set goals for each month as I go along to get these accomplished.

  • Get to bed on a consistent basis by 11 p.m.
  • Have a total of 35 piano students by the end of the year.
  • Lose the last 20 lbs (5 lbs at a time.)
  • Find and purchase a house.
  • Get the paint on my car touched up. (There’s some scratches on the front end that are driving me insane.)
  • Finish paying off my credit card.
  • Increase ebay sales.
  • Take more time to reach out to other people who need encouragement.
  • Work on Grace’s scrapbook. (I’m way behind on this.)

I must say that looking back on my goals for 2008, almost all of them were accomplished.  The big ones were paying off my car and becoming self employed.  It was a lot of work to accomplish both of these goals, and for several months, it was crazy.  Waking up early, staying up late, trying to get it all done, but I’m so glad I made these my goals for 2008.  At the start of the year when I wrote them down, they were really only wishes.  I didn’t really believe I would accomplish them, but I wanted to.  By focusing on them and taking small steps each month, they became a reality.

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