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Being self-employed is FABULOUS, most days……..teaching cute kids to play the piano is awesome.  Going to their homes is great too because I get to see SO many different pianos (I am amazed at how unique some of them are), I get lots of decorating ideas, and my clients treat me like a Queen for the most part. 

I have families that have a special chair reserved just for me, families who bring me ice water with lemons when I walk in the door, families who feed me fresh apple pie and so much more.

Then there’s also having more time to be a mom and spend time with Grace, which is SO awesome.  We have tons of fun together and she is getting bigger and smarter every day.  It’s so neat to see her grow right in front of my very eyes.  When I was working, I felt like I missed SO much of her life and so many of her “firsts”

The down side of being self employed is losing clients, and clients who decide to take the ENTIRE summer off……..and so far, I have 6 clients who are taking the ENTIRE summer off. 

I’m trying not to focus on it, and I keep reminding myself that for the first few months of Grace’ s life, we lived on less than $600.00 a month, AND God supplied EVERY need.

I know that He’ll take care of our needs this summer, but I’m also having to trust a lot right now.  I keep telling myself that it’s only temporary and am trying to focus on recruiting more students for the fall.  This past school year, I had up to 25 students, and I’m trying to arrange my schedule to teach 30 starting this fall.  So far, I have a few inquiries for the fall, so I’m hoping to have my schedule full by the time school starts.

I’m not worried, I know that God will take care of us.  He always has in the past, I have no doubts about the future.


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Have you ever heard this phrase?  I used to hear it a lot from people as I was growing up.  In those days, I never stopped to think about what it’s really saying.  I think it could be better phrased as “God blesses those who put forth some effort to accomplish things.” 

I know that sometimes, we have to be patient and wait for God to do things, but there are other times that I see people who complain about things and don’t try to do anything to fix their situation.  I once had a co-worker (single) who was always complaining that she didn’t have any money, but I also observed that she ate out a lot, didn’t spend her money wisely, and she didn’t want to WORK (Heaven forbid) for the money, she wanted God to drop it in her lap (or someone to give it to her.)

Now I know that God could, if He saw fit “drop” the money in her lap, but on the other hand, when God looks down and sees people making unwise decisions about their money and not wanting to work to earn their money, I really doubt that He’s going to “drop” some more down to that person for them to spend frivolously and then want more.

On the other hand, God blesses those who put forth effort to accomplish things.  When she came to me telling me that she didn’t have the money for her car payment, instead of loaning her the money for her car payment (as I knew she wanted me to do) I talked to her about ways that she could save money in her current budget and ways to earn more money so that she wouldn’t be in this spot again.  She didn’t really like it that I wouldn’t give her the money for her car payment, but I don’t think that anyone else she knew gave her the money for it either, because within a couple of weeks, she started working a 2nd job………wow, do you see how God provides? : )

I think you need a balance of praying to God about your needs and using some common sense and hard work to obtain what you need.  I’ve never found a time in my life that God hasn’t provided for me or for Grace and I if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.  Even now that I’m self employed.  Before I quit my job, I was SCARED that I wouldn’t make it being self employed, but I knew I needed to obey God and that He would take care of the rest.  Then the economy started falling apart, and for 1 minute, I thought…..oh no, maybe I made a wrong decision when I quit my job, but then I knew that God is in control and He knew what would happen with our economy before I quit my job, so He will handle it for me.  (That’s one of the best things of having a Heavenly Father, He knows things ahead of time and He takes care of the details for me.)

In the last 7 weeks, I’ve started 7 new students.  I’ve set a goal to start 3 students a month until I get the number of students I need.  Then, I pray about that goal and ask God specifically to provide me with 3 new students for that month.  I also pray about ideas for ways to get new students.  I got  the students I asked for in September and October (plus 1 extra!) and now I’m working on November. 

Last night I was praying and I said “God, please provide 3 new students for me for November, and Lord, I don’t know where those 3 students are going to come from (I don’t have any leads right now or people who have called me recently.) but I know that you can provide them for me.  I posted an ad on our community website stating that I have openings for piano students and this morning when I woke up, there were 2 emails from people inquiring about piano lessons!  I don’t know yet if both of them will start, but I know that God will provide the 3 students I’ve asked Him for this month.

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First of all, I would like to say “thanks” to all of you who have been reading and emailing me….you are all such a blessing to me, and I pray that I am a blessing to you.

Good News!  I turned in my notice at work today, just a few more weeks, and I will be on my way to teaching Piano Lessons FULL TIME!!!!!  I can’t wait.

Prayer Request: #1 I need a studio to teach in, right now I teach at my student’s houses, but with the price of gas and to be more efficient, I need a central place to teach (at a reasonable price.)

#2, more students.  I’m almost half way to my student goal, but I still need more to be able to earn a living when i quit working.  Please pray that I will have the students I need by October.

What prayer requests do you have?  Please share!

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