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I see it’s been awhile since I blogged, so it’s time for an update.

Grace and I are thoroughly enjoying the summer.  We took a much needed vacation to see my family.  Grace had tons of fun with her cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was nice to just relax and take some time off from our busy schedule.

Grace finished her 1st year of pre-school and is busy reading and working on “projects” this summer.  So far, she’s been painting, has started using the sewing machine (under close supervision), drawing, and has even started a latch hook rug kit of Fozzy bear.  Of course, she hooks about 5 pieces of yarn for about every 25 that I hook, but it’s still fun to work on it together.

She’s at such a fun age and is sooooooo independent.  The other day when she wanted to paint, she got out her items to paint, her paint, brushes and a cup of water all by herself.  All I had to do was spread out the newspaper and help her put on her smock.

I’m loving my summer schedule, I teach all day on Tuesdays, and then half day on Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s sooooooo nice.  We’ve been going swimming on Monday mornings until about lunch time and then relaxing in the afternoons, either working on projects or watching a movie together.  I try to run all of my errands on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon after teaching and then we do something fun on Friday.  Last Friday, we took a road trip for the day.

Grace is still taking piano lessons and is doing fantastic.  I’m so proud of her.  This September will be 1 year of piano lessons and she’ll have finished the 1st 3 books in the “Music for Little Mozart’s” series from Alfred.

We have her little pool set up in the backyard and almost every afternoon, she goes out there to splash and I soak my feet in the pool while we eat an ice cream sandwich together.

I’ve been able to get a lot of projects done already this summer with my lighter teaching schedule.  I was able to stain her swing set before it got too hot out and I have a few small pieces of furniture to paint in the next couple of weeks.   I even sorted through her school uniforms today to see what can be used again this fall and made a list of the items I need for her before school starts.

I’ve officially lost all of my baby weight, but I may try for a couple more pounds, just so I have a cushion in case there’s a birthday or holiday where I put on a couple of LBS.  Then I won’t have to worry too much about being over my goal.

I’ve started taking violin lessons and I LOVE it!  My teacher is a friend of mine and she’s sooooooo good about giving me a lesson when I’m ready for one.  I just call her up when I’m ready for a lesson so that I have plenty of time to practice in between.  I’ve already started on a Christmas song, and I’m hoping that by Christmas, I’ll be brave enough to play in public…..we’ll see how it goes.

I hope that you’re taking time to enjoy your summer, your family and your friends.  Work and your to do list will always be there, but your family and friends are what’s important, so make a lot of fabulous memories this summer.


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OK, I’m going to tell you something about me that I have never liked.

I have dark circles under my eyes.

I can’t stand them.  They’re hereditary, so they’re VERY difficult to get rid of and once I feel like I have them under control, they pop back up again at a moment’s notice.

I’ve tried everything.  I’ve tried putting cold cucumber slices on my eyes, I’ve tried those cold packs you put in the freezer and put on your eyes.  I’ve tried getting more sleep (good luck on that one 🙂  I’ve tried concealers, foundations, powders, anything I can think of.

The best thing so far is just making sure I get enough sleep, but the problem is that if I don’t get enough sleep just ONE night, there they are again and it takes days, even weeks to get them back under control.

I’ve finally resorted to trying a cream.  It’s from AVON.  I decided to try it when I saw it in the catalog because I’ve found a few really good products that work exactly like they’re supposed to from AVON, so I went ahead and ordered it.  It’s called ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System.  It’s supposed to clear up dark circles in 3 weeks.

I’ve been using it for 4 days, and I really see a difference, so I’m hoping this will be another great product from AVON for me.  I’m so glad because having dark circles under my eyes is embarrassing.  I feel like it makes me look like I have sleeping problems or I’m too stressed out when I have them.  Neither of those are true, but I don’t want people looking at me thinking “that poor single mom, look at the dark circles under her eyes.”  I’ll let you know if this product is a winner in my book.

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Well, 2010 is off to a good start so far.  Here’s what’s happening around here……

I’m as busy as ever teaching piano lessons, cleaning out closets (and selling what I’m getting rid of on ebay 🙂

Grace is doing FANTASTIC in preschool this year and in piano lessons.  She LOVES piano lessons, and picks up on it quickly which is a real relief for me.  (We’re using the “Music for Little Mozart’s” series from Alfred’s and she’s just moving right along!)

I’m about to add to my lengthy to do list…….drum roll please……..

I’m going to take Violin lessons!!!  I told the teacher that I can only do a lesson every other week so that I actually have TIME to practice.  I’m not exactly sure HOW or WHERE that’s going to fit into our schedule, but I really want to learn to play another instrument.

As of this morning I have 9 LBS left to go…..I can hardly believe it!  It seems like I’ve been trying to lose this baby weight FOREVER.  I’ve only been working on it seriously for the last year and a half and the end is in sight!!!

We’ve added taking a walk on Saturday mornings to our routine and we’re having a lot of fun with it.  I don’t like to exercise, but I always tell myself that a little bit of exercise is better than none!

On a side note, I bought a label maker a few weeks ago, and Grace just LOVES it.  She wants a label maker of her own and only told me that like 300 times last Saturday, so I told her that I will buy her a label maker of her own when she can spell 100 words that are 4 letters long or longer 😉

She is so strong willed that she’s taking me up on the challenge!  She has to come up with 92 more words she can spell and the label maker is hers.  This is what happens when you speak before you think about the fact that you’re sending your child to a preschool where they work on the sounds of letters…You end up buying a label maker……..she amazes me.  Here is her list so far:

*Plane (She spelled plan and I told her if she added an “e” it would be plane, so she said, “OK, I’ll add an “e” and she spelled it again with an “e” on the end!)

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It seems like summer has just started and now, it’s already the end of July…..Here’s what we’ve done this summer:

  • Took a much needed 2 week vacation to see my family 🙂
  • I arranged my work schedule so that I only teach 2 days a week (I really like this arrangement….too bad school starts again at the end of August 😦 )
  • Grace had her annual check up and dentist appointments (Dr’s visit went good….dentist, not so good.  She has 2 cavities.)
  • Went to a water park
  • Went to an amusement park
  • Touched the paint up on my car (for only $5.97!)
  • Painted our front door
  • Went to the Children’s Museum
  • Visited an indoor playground in our town…….lots of things to climb on, trampolines and slides.  (Grace can’t wait to go back)
  • Had a cookout for the 4th of July and watched fireworks.
  • Grace went to her first sleep over at a friend’s house and hosted her first sleep over at our house. (she’s growing up WAY too fast.)
  • Made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting (I’d never made either one before…….it’s so easy, I can’t believe I never tried to make them before.)
  • Grace planted seeds and is busy watching them grow.
  • Swimming (only once in awhile because Grace says “It’s too hot to go swimming.”)
  • Going on walks in our neighborhood.

I love being able to go outside and get fresh air and not have to be couped up in the house 🙂

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I just finished reading “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” By Dr. Les Parrott III and Dr. Leslie Parrott.

The book has seven questions to ask before and after you marry, and it expounds on them. I really liked it how they tied things back to Biblical principles.

The seven questions are:

  • Have you  faced the myths of marriage with honesty?
  • Can you identify your love style?
  • Have you developed the habit of happiness?
  • Can you say what you mean and understand what you hear?
  • Have you bridged the gender gap?
  • Do you know how to fight a good fight?
  • Are you and your partner soul mates?

One of the  most helpful parts of this book is that it explains the male and the female side of  each section of the book.  We know that males and females are different, but I didn’t really understand how very different they are until I read this book, and it really helped me to understand some of the differences.

I’ve read a few other books by the Parrotts and have enjoyed them as well.  This is one book that I plan to read again.

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Sorry it’s been a LONG time since I posted anything!  As my mom would say “real life is what happens when we have other plans”  these last couple of months have been good.  Busy, but good and some “real life’ has been going on for us.

Anyway, here are some updates and I plan to start posting regularly again…..thanks for your patience.

#1, I’ve lost 21 lbs since Thanksgiving!!!  (Yea for the green tea!)

#2, Grace is doing FANTASTIC in her swimming classes.

#3, God has been so good to us, despite the economy and state of our nation, He keeps sending me business.  I now have 25 piano students on my schedule and ebay is keeping me very busy as well.

#4, I am learning more and more every day that the center of God’s will is the only place to be happy and to receive God’s greatest blessings.

#5, We’re packing our bags and getting ready to take a LONG OVER DUE vacation in June 🙂

Thanks for your prayers and emails eventhough I’ve not been posting.

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Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were so nice this year, very laid back and I was glad that Grace and I got to do several fun activities together to really enjoy the holidays.  I also got a lot of things done in the past two weeks with the extra days off.  (yea!)  Now I’m groaning that it’s back to regular schedule starting Monday, the nice thing is that it looks like I rearranged the classes I teach and it looks like I’ll have Friday’s off this semester!

So, I promised to keep you updated on the Green Tea pills I started taking to see if they really do help with weight loss and…….not only did I not gain any weight over the holidays, but the scale confirms that I LOST 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks!  I think the green tea is helping.  Just 2 more lbs and I’ll have another 5lb goal met!!!

Anyway, the tree is put away now for another year, so I guess it’s back to regular life now.

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