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My apologies for disappearing from the blogging world for a few days, I came down with a bad cold on Sunday afternoon, and I’ve spent the last few days taking vitamin “C”, eating chicken rice soup, going to bed early, and taking a nap before piano lessons.  We also had special services at church this week, so my days have consisted of:

  • Wake up
  • Get Grace and I dressed
  • Take vitamin “C’s”
  • Snuggle up on the couch in some cozy sweats, turn on a show that Grace likes, and sip some chicken broth, and drink orange juice
  • Make lunch & Take more vitamin “C”
  • Take naps
  • Get dressed, do hair and make up
  • Drop Grace off at Grandma’s
  • Teach piano lessons
  • Go to Church
  • Come home, take baths, and vitamin “C”, sip some more chicken broth and orange juice
  • Go to bed
  • Get up and do it all over again…….

Usually, I can function with a cold, but this one was NASTY, with a terrible sore throat, congestion, fever, aches……you name it…….the good news is that I set my daily “To Do” list aside (a rarity for me.)  and took care of myself for once, and the benefit is that in just a few days, I’ve nearly kicked this cold, just a little congestion, and I didn’t even need a nap today. (YEA!)

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten anything accomplished this week, so I decided to stay home today and catch up on a few things.  To celebrate my feeling better, Grace and I went out for lunch today (I felt bad that she’s spent most of the week at home with the the exception of going to Grandma’s and Church, so I thought it would be good for her to get out today.)

I love days where I can just stay home and work on things around the house, so I got a lot done today.  Don’t worry, I have a lot on my list for tomorrow that includes running some errands, so I won’t permanently become a hermit, but I have to tell you, it felt good to just put everything on hold and stay home to rest for a few days.

In other news, Grace entered two “drawings” in the state fair and got red ribbons on both of them!

I am starting new piano students every week and am officially self employed! (YAHOO!)  I LOVE being able to focus the majority of my time and energy on Grace and just teaching a few hours a day.  God is SO good!

Gas prices are steadily going down……mid-grade is now 3.22 here and regular is 3.12!  That’s down over a dollar since the 4th of July. (Thank God!)

Grace is VERY excited about the possibility of snow (still a ways away for us, but she’s wearing her winter coat, hat and mittens just “Hoping” that it will snow!) and is singing “Jingle Bells” as if Christmas is tomorrow. 

And, last of all, Grace starts her music class next week!  I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to see what kinds of things she will learn. (It’s very cool, it’s like a music class for preschoolers, they just go one day a week for an hour, but it will be lots of fun and I can’t wait to see how she likes it.)

I hope you all are doing well and are staying healthy!



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As a mom, I want Grace to stay healthy.  No mom wants their child to be sick.  As a single mom, I REALLY want Grace to stay healthy because if she is sick and I stay home with her, I fall behind on things at work and that creates more stress.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I don’t stay home with her when she’s sick, it’s just that I like to prevent her from getting sick in the first place if I can help it.

Here are a few of my tricks for staying healthy.

  • Daily Vitamins.  Grace takes the Enfamil daily vitamins for infants.  I put them in her first cup of juice in the morning and she drinks it with her juice.  No fuss trying to get her to take them 🙂
  • Vitamin “C”  I found vitamin C’s that are gummy bears and she takes two each day.  At first, I had to watch her closely with them to make sure she got them down, but now she’s a pro at taking them.  If she’s coming down with a cold, or doesn’t feel well, she takes two of them 3 or 4 times a day to help boost her immune system.
  • Drinking lots of fluid.  Grace drinks lots of juice and water everyday to help flush things out of her system and stay hydrated.
  • Staying home if she doesn’t feel good.  I am a planner and I like to have things scheduled, but if Grace doesn’t feel well, we use plan “B” for the day, STAY HOME.  This helps her relax and take a longer nap if she needs it, it keeps her from catching something additional since her immune system is already weak at that point, and it keeps her from spreading what she has around our community.
  • Staying away from friends who are sick.  Some people think I’m crazy when I don’t want her around their children if they have a cold or a fever.  My theory is that a lot of illnesses present themselves as a “cold” and then they end up being strep throat, tonsillitis, sinus infections, mono and more.  So if her friends have runny noses or are coughing, we STAY AWAY from them.
  • Wearing 2 pairs of jammies to bed.  I started this because last year, Grace kept kicking her blankets off at night and I couldn’t get her to stay covered and I was afraid that she’d get sick, so she wears a pair of pants and long sleeved shirt jammies (kind of like long johns) and then she wears a fleece pair of zip up jammies with the feet in them over the long john style jammies.  It keeps her nice and cozy warm all night long.
  • Naps or rest time.  Grace is going through a phase where she doesn’t want to take a nap every day.  I’m sorry, but rest is a MUST especially when you are two years old.  My policy is that you don’t HAVE to take a nap, but you do have to rest.  This entails getting in bed and covering up.  She takes a toy or a book with her and 99% of the time, she falls asleep.  Sleep not only helps children grow, but it also helps them recoup from all of the activity in the day.  If I allowed Grace not to take a nap when she said that she didn’t want a nap (about 90% of the time) I think she’d catch more illnesses just from the fact that she’s not getting enough rest.

This is not to say that by following what we do your child will NEVER get sick, but it can cut down the number of illnesses in a winter.  Last winter, Grace had two colds and that was IT.  No flu, no ear aches, no perpetual cough.  Just two colds.  I attribute this to vitamins, staying home when she’s not feeling well and staying away from other people who are sick.  It’s much more fun to have a toddler who’s able to enjoy the holidays than a toddler who’s miserable because he or she is ill during the holidays.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way!

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