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It seems like summer has just started and now, it’s already the end of July…..Here’s what we’ve done this summer:

  • Took a much needed 2 week vacation to see my family 🙂
  • I arranged my work schedule so that I only teach 2 days a week (I really like this arrangement….too bad school starts again at the end of August 😦 )
  • Grace had her annual check up and dentist appointments (Dr’s visit went good….dentist, not so good.  She has 2 cavities.)
  • Went to a water park
  • Went to an amusement park
  • Touched the paint up on my car (for only $5.97!)
  • Painted our front door
  • Went to the Children’s Museum
  • Visited an indoor playground in our town…….lots of things to climb on, trampolines and slides.  (Grace can’t wait to go back)
  • Had a cookout for the 4th of July and watched fireworks.
  • Grace went to her first sleep over at a friend’s house and hosted her first sleep over at our house. (she’s growing up WAY too fast.)
  • Made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting (I’d never made either one before…….it’s so easy, I can’t believe I never tried to make them before.)
  • Grace planted seeds and is busy watching them grow.
  • Swimming (only once in awhile because Grace says “It’s too hot to go swimming.”)
  • Going on walks in our neighborhood.

I love being able to go outside and get fresh air and not have to be couped up in the house 🙂


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Here is a great recepie that I learned from watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

You will need:


Peanut Butter

Powdered Milk


Flour (just a little bit for consistency) 

Combine equal parts of peanut butter, powdered milk and some honey together. (I’m thinking 1c Peanut Butter, 1c Powdered Milk, 1/2 c honey.) 

You want it to be the texture of play dough. Add enough flour so that the dough will stick together when you’re making things with it.


 On the episode where Kate shared this idea, she didn’t tell her children that the play dough is edible, she let them play with it and figure out that they could eat it.


This looks like lots of fun and I can’t wait to see how Grace does with this playdough.  It’s wierd because I keep telling her not to put things in her mouth, and the point of this activity is to be able to eat the dough…..we’ll see how it goes.

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