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OK, I’m going to tell you something about me that I have never liked.

I have dark circles under my eyes.

I can’t stand them.  They’re hereditary, so they’re VERY difficult to get rid of and once I feel like I have them under control, they pop back up again at a moment’s notice.

I’ve tried everything.  I’ve tried putting cold cucumber slices on my eyes, I’ve tried those cold packs you put in the freezer and put on your eyes.  I’ve tried getting more sleep (good luck on that one 🙂  I’ve tried concealers, foundations, powders, anything I can think of.

The best thing so far is just making sure I get enough sleep, but the problem is that if I don’t get enough sleep just ONE night, there they are again and it takes days, even weeks to get them back under control.

I’ve finally resorted to trying a cream.  It’s from AVON.  I decided to try it when I saw it in the catalog because I’ve found a few really good products that work exactly like they’re supposed to from AVON, so I went ahead and ordered it.  It’s called ANEW Reversalist Illuminating Eye System.  It’s supposed to clear up dark circles in 3 weeks.

I’ve been using it for 4 days, and I really see a difference, so I’m hoping this will be another great product from AVON for me.  I’m so glad because having dark circles under my eyes is embarrassing.  I feel like it makes me look like I have sleeping problems or I’m too stressed out when I have them.  Neither of those are true, but I don’t want people looking at me thinking “that poor single mom, look at the dark circles under her eyes.”  I’ll let you know if this product is a winner in my book.


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Since Grace was born, I’ve lost 40 Lbs, I still have another 40 to go…..Yes, you read that right.  I gained 80 Lbs with my first baby!  I really don’t know how it happened because at month 7, I had only gained 25 Lbs, the other 55 went on in the last 8 weeks……(too bad I can’t get it to go away in 8 weeks……) anyway, here are some of the things I’ve discovered that have helped me, maybe some of them will help you or give you an idea.

I firmly believe that everyone loses weight differently, and that not all diets or exercise plans work for everyone, you have to find out how your body loses weight and work on it from that angle.

I found out that “diets” do NOT work for me.  Whenever I go on a “diet” I GAIN more weight, so I don’t “diet”  I use portion control and some exercise to make it happen.  I eat ANYTHING I want, but my rules are:

#1-Only eat when you are hungry, not because it’s time to eat (meaning don’t just sit down and eat because it’s Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time.)  Sometimes I eat lunch at 11:00am, sometimes it’s closer to 1:00pm, it’s whenever I’m hungry.

#2-Stop eating when you’re full.  Don’t make yourself finish your plate.  When you’re full, you tend to slow down on eating and you naturally push your plate or fork away, learn to pick up on these queues, and you’ll know when you’re full.

I only drink water and lemonade (once in awhile), this is healthier for you and it saves on calories.  I read that if you stop drinking soft drinks for a year, you will lose 15lbs just from the savings in the calories that you are no longer drinking down.  To get my water in during the day, I always have a glass of ice water with me around the house and when ever I go somewhere, I have my water bottle filled up and in my bag so that I get my water in for the day, and so I’m not tempted to stop and buy a soda or coffee.

I LOVE ice cream, and I’ve recently decided to buy ice cream that has 1/2 the fat in it that regular ice cream has.  I’ve found that it tastes just as good, I still get to enjoy my ice cream, and I’m saving calories and fat.

Make healthier choices, I try to make it a point to eat a salad at least once a week, and I stay away from hamburgers (I only eat them a few times a year for a treat.)

I’ve also found that when I exercise, even just a little bit, I lose weight……whether it’s going for a walk, running around with Grace in the backyard, going for a swim, taking stairs instead of elevators,  playing soccer with Grace…..you name it, even the littlest bit of exercise helps me.

I also set goals (here I go on goals again…..have I ever mentioned that I’m goal oriented? 🙂 )
I break the weight loss down into 5lb increments, and just work on it 5lbs at a time………I have to lose 5lbs sounds so much better in my mind than “I have to lose 40lbs.”  40 sounds overwhelming to me, but 5, I can handle 5 lbs.

I also set goals about clothing sizes.  Before Grace came along, I was wearing size 6’s, after she was born, I was in 16’s…….that’s a huge switch in 9 months!  My first goal was to get to 14’s, then 12’s, and now that I’m in 12’s, my goal is to get into 10’s, after 10’s, I’ll work on 8’s then 6’s.

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As a mom, I want Grace to stay healthy.  No mom wants their child to be sick.  As a single mom, I REALLY want Grace to stay healthy because if she is sick and I stay home with her, I fall behind on things at work and that creates more stress.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I don’t stay home with her when she’s sick, it’s just that I like to prevent her from getting sick in the first place if I can help it.

Here are a few of my tricks for staying healthy.

  • Daily Vitamins.  Grace takes the Enfamil daily vitamins for infants.  I put them in her first cup of juice in the morning and she drinks it with her juice.  No fuss trying to get her to take them 🙂
  • Vitamin “C”  I found vitamin C’s that are gummy bears and she takes two each day.  At first, I had to watch her closely with them to make sure she got them down, but now she’s a pro at taking them.  If she’s coming down with a cold, or doesn’t feel well, she takes two of them 3 or 4 times a day to help boost her immune system.
  • Drinking lots of fluid.  Grace drinks lots of juice and water everyday to help flush things out of her system and stay hydrated.
  • Staying home if she doesn’t feel good.  I am a planner and I like to have things scheduled, but if Grace doesn’t feel well, we use plan “B” for the day, STAY HOME.  This helps her relax and take a longer nap if she needs it, it keeps her from catching something additional since her immune system is already weak at that point, and it keeps her from spreading what she has around our community.
  • Staying away from friends who are sick.  Some people think I’m crazy when I don’t want her around their children if they have a cold or a fever.  My theory is that a lot of illnesses present themselves as a “cold” and then they end up being strep throat, tonsillitis, sinus infections, mono and more.  So if her friends have runny noses or are coughing, we STAY AWAY from them.
  • Wearing 2 pairs of jammies to bed.  I started this because last year, Grace kept kicking her blankets off at night and I couldn’t get her to stay covered and I was afraid that she’d get sick, so she wears a pair of pants and long sleeved shirt jammies (kind of like long johns) and then she wears a fleece pair of zip up jammies with the feet in them over the long john style jammies.  It keeps her nice and cozy warm all night long.
  • Naps or rest time.  Grace is going through a phase where she doesn’t want to take a nap every day.  I’m sorry, but rest is a MUST especially when you are two years old.  My policy is that you don’t HAVE to take a nap, but you do have to rest.  This entails getting in bed and covering up.  She takes a toy or a book with her and 99% of the time, she falls asleep.  Sleep not only helps children grow, but it also helps them recoup from all of the activity in the day.  If I allowed Grace not to take a nap when she said that she didn’t want a nap (about 90% of the time) I think she’d catch more illnesses just from the fact that she’s not getting enough rest.

This is not to say that by following what we do your child will NEVER get sick, but it can cut down the number of illnesses in a winter.  Last winter, Grace had two colds and that was IT.  No flu, no ear aches, no perpetual cough.  Just two colds.  I attribute this to vitamins, staying home when she’s not feeling well and staying away from other people who are sick.  It’s much more fun to have a toddler who’s able to enjoy the holidays than a toddler who’s miserable because he or she is ill during the holidays.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way!

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