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This has been a SUPER hectic week, but I got so much done.  All of the Christmas shopping is done and I just have a few more things to wrap.  I love getting done with my shopping early so I can enjoy the last week before Christmas. 

It SNOWED today!!!  Just a little, little bit, enough to cover the grass and Grace was SO excited…..she had to get her snowpants, boots, mittens, and coat on and go make some snow angels.  After a few minutes, I was ready to go in, but she wanted to play in the snow a little more, so I sent her out to our fenced in back yard and she had a FANTASTIC time.  She played out there for almost an hour.  When she came in I made her hot cocoa and she gulped it down.  She was so cute out there playing on her swing and trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue. 

I grew up with LOTS of snow and I do like the weather out here on the West Coast, but this time of year, I really want snow, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without it.  Part of me wants to move back where I grew up so that Grace can experience building 9′ snowmen that last until spring and building snow forts, and then part of me really likes it that winter lasts 6 weeks here and the snow melts off and spring comes. 

 I’m glad that Grace likes snow as much as I do, and I know that this is all she knows about winter, so she doesn’t miss having tons of snow.  I just remember waking up almost every morning to more fresh snow to shovel, and then building snow forts and going sledding with my friends and skating on our pond.  Even though it was so cold out, we played out there for hours not once complaining about the cold…….it’s wierd how when you grow up, it seems to be a LOT colder during the winter.


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All the leaves are brown…..and the sky is gray……

Who knew that autumn on the West Coast was so NICE……you can actually enjoy it here.  I cannot believe it’s the middle of November, and I can go out in a sweater and only wear a coat at night!  (Grace wears her coat when we go out.)

I grew up in a COLD climate, so we started wearing our winter coats in October and we didn’t take them off until almost May.  I can’t believe how nice it is here, you can do all kinds of fun fall activities in just a sweatshirt and jeans and not be freezing your tail off. 

I’ve only lived out West since a few months before Grace arrived, so I never understood why people liked living out West.  To me, WHY would you ever give up SNOW? 

Where we live now, it’s the perfect comination of being able to enjoy Autumn and Winter and not be frozen all the time.  We get a nice amount of snow, and then it melts off promptly and Spring comes in a few weeks.

My brother asked me if Grace and I could come for Christmas this year, and I said “Are you KIDDING ME?”  “You want us to come in DECEMBER????……it’ll be WAY too cold for us.”

I’m really starting to like the weather out here.  PLUS  Grace got snow pants and boots this year, she is DYING for it to snow so we can build her FIRST EVER snowman!!!

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