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In case you haven’t noticed, when I cook, I do a lot of things according to my preference in taste, so some of my recipes don’t have exact measurements, as is the case with this one, but bear with me, Baked Potato Soup is FANTASTIC, especially this time of year, so here goes…..

You Will Need:

5lb bag of White Potatoes
1 Gallon of Milk
1 LB of Bacon
2 Large containers of sour cream
Onion Greens or Chives (whichever you prefer)
1 Medium Size White Onion
1 Bag of Shredded Chedder Cheese
Black Ground Pepper

Wash (don’t peel) and cut potatoes long wise in half and then each half in half long wise and then across the halves to make 6-8 chunks out of each half (so 12-16  chunks per potato.)

On medium heat, fill your soup pot 1/2 way with milk, and slowly stir in 1/2 cup of flour at a time until the base has some substance (usually 1 1/2 -2 cups of flour depending on the size of the pot, I usually use one that will hold 3/4 of a gallon of milk.)  Add sour cream to your mixture to taste, I  use about 3/4 of a 16oz container of sour cream.  Add black ground pepper to taste, it’s hard to say how much I use, I just add it until it looks like there’s enough black flecks in the mixture.

Chop up your white onion finely, and add to mixture according to your preferance, I use 1/2-3/4 of a medium size white onion.  Add your potatoes bring to a boil over medium heat.  DO NOT turn the heat on high to get it to boil faster, the milk and flour will BURN.  It’s important to stir the pot frequently while it’s coming to a boil.  Let it boil until the potatoes are soft (you can test them by catching a potato on a large spoon and poking a fork in it to see if they’re ready.  If 3-5 chunks are ready, chances are it’s done.)

In between stiring the mixture, fry up your LB of bacon, and set it on a plate to cool.  Once it’s cooled, crumble it in a serving bowl.  Chop up your chives or onion greens and put them in a serving bowl, put your grated cheese in a serving bowl, and set your sour cream out.

Serve up the soup in bowls and then everyone tops their soup with the toppings they like, bacon, cheese, sour cream, onion greens or chives……it tastes just like a stuffed baked potato.

*VERY IMPORTANT*  When making the base for the soup, the flour must be added and stirred in slowly…..if you add it all at one time or don’t stir it in well, you will have huge flour lumps that will turn into “dumplings” in your soup and they will stick on the bottom of the pot and burn.  Also, it’s very important to stir the soup frequently while it’s coming to a boil and boiling, milk burns FAST.


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Taco Soup Recipe

“What’s taco soup?” “What does it taste like?”,  you ask.  That’s exactly what I said when I saw Taco Soup on the menu at a Christmas bazaar a few years back.  “Here, let me give you a taste.” The kind lady said, and since then, Taco Soup has been a family favorite!  It tastes JUST LIKE tacos, but it’s soup, and it’s DELICIOUS!  It’s a great alternative to chili.

You will need:

1 LB Ground beef
1 bag of frozen corn
1 packet of your favorite taco seasoning
2 cans of black beans
3/4 cup onion, finely chopped
1 can tomatoes

You can also add a can of green chili peppers if you like it spicy, some people add olives too.

Brown your hamburger meat and drain it.  In a large pot, add hamburger, taco seasoning, corn, onions, tomatoes, beans(drained) and extras like olives or green chili’s (if you want) add 8-10 cups of water (depending on how strong you like the taco seasoning taste to be. If you add too much water, you can always add part of another packet of taco seasoning.) Bring it to a boil and then let it simmer until the onions, corn and beans are soft.

When you serve it, it’s great with tortilla chips or corn chips, sour cream and shredded cheddar.

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