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I know it’s been awhile since I blogged regularly…….it’s the last thing on my mind during the holidays, but I thought I’d give you an update on my progress with losing weight in 2009.

I started at Thanksgiving of 2008 with managing my food intake. For me, that meant smaller portions, drinking water, not sodas, no french fries, grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken and cutting back on snacks, sweets, etc.

I started taking green tea pills as an antioxidant, they really seemed to help with weight loss.

I struggle with exercising consistently and I don’t like to go to the gym to work out, so I tell myself that a little bit of exercise is better than none. In the summer, we went for walks a couple times a week and did some swimming, even though it was just once in awhile, I could tell that I lost more weight the weeks we went for walks than I did when we didn’t get any exercise in. I also count mowing the lawn as exercise…..that counts…..right ? 🙂

My other approach was to work on my weight goals 5lbs at a time. I didn’t work on the total number I needed to lose, just the next 5 lb goal. I was on the scale 3 or 4 mornings a week monitoring my progress to the next goal and cheering myself on!

The grand total lost in 2009 was 35 lbs! It felt so good to see the numbers on the scale drop and to drop to clothing sizes…..but it was a daily process and little bits of progress here and there.

My goal for 2010 is 20 lbs (5 lbs at a time of course) and then I’ll be where I need to be.

Those of you who are working on weight loss……you can do it! Find what works for you, and work on it little by little.

You know what they say….”Slow and steady wins the race.”


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Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were so nice this year, very laid back and I was glad that Grace and I got to do several fun activities together to really enjoy the holidays.  I also got a lot of things done in the past two weeks with the extra days off.  (yea!)  Now I’m groaning that it’s back to regular schedule starting Monday, the nice thing is that it looks like I rearranged the classes I teach and it looks like I’ll have Friday’s off this semester!

So, I promised to keep you updated on the Green Tea pills I started taking to see if they really do help with weight loss and…….not only did I not gain any weight over the holidays, but the scale confirms that I LOST 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks!  I think the green tea is helping.  Just 2 more lbs and I’ll have another 5lb goal met!!!

Anyway, the tree is put away now for another year, so I guess it’s back to regular life now.

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Since Grace was born, I’ve lost 40 Lbs, I still have another 40 to go…..Yes, you read that right.  I gained 80 Lbs with my first baby!  I really don’t know how it happened because at month 7, I had only gained 25 Lbs, the other 55 went on in the last 8 weeks……(too bad I can’t get it to go away in 8 weeks……) anyway, here are some of the things I’ve discovered that have helped me, maybe some of them will help you or give you an idea.

I firmly believe that everyone loses weight differently, and that not all diets or exercise plans work for everyone, you have to find out how your body loses weight and work on it from that angle.

I found out that “diets” do NOT work for me.  Whenever I go on a “diet” I GAIN more weight, so I don’t “diet”  I use portion control and some exercise to make it happen.  I eat ANYTHING I want, but my rules are:

#1-Only eat when you are hungry, not because it’s time to eat (meaning don’t just sit down and eat because it’s Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time.)  Sometimes I eat lunch at 11:00am, sometimes it’s closer to 1:00pm, it’s whenever I’m hungry.

#2-Stop eating when you’re full.  Don’t make yourself finish your plate.  When you’re full, you tend to slow down on eating and you naturally push your plate or fork away, learn to pick up on these queues, and you’ll know when you’re full.

I only drink water and lemonade (once in awhile), this is healthier for you and it saves on calories.  I read that if you stop drinking soft drinks for a year, you will lose 15lbs just from the savings in the calories that you are no longer drinking down.  To get my water in during the day, I always have a glass of ice water with me around the house and when ever I go somewhere, I have my water bottle filled up and in my bag so that I get my water in for the day, and so I’m not tempted to stop and buy a soda or coffee.

I LOVE ice cream, and I’ve recently decided to buy ice cream that has 1/2 the fat in it that regular ice cream has.  I’ve found that it tastes just as good, I still get to enjoy my ice cream, and I’m saving calories and fat.

Make healthier choices, I try to make it a point to eat a salad at least once a week, and I stay away from hamburgers (I only eat them a few times a year for a treat.)

I’ve also found that when I exercise, even just a little bit, I lose weight……whether it’s going for a walk, running around with Grace in the backyard, going for a swim, taking stairs instead of elevators,  playing soccer with Grace…..you name it, even the littlest bit of exercise helps me.

I also set goals (here I go on goals again…..have I ever mentioned that I’m goal oriented? 🙂 )
I break the weight loss down into 5lb increments, and just work on it 5lbs at a time………I have to lose 5lbs sounds so much better in my mind than “I have to lose 40lbs.”  40 sounds overwhelming to me, but 5, I can handle 5 lbs.

I also set goals about clothing sizes.  Before Grace came along, I was wearing size 6’s, after she was born, I was in 16’s…….that’s a huge switch in 9 months!  My first goal was to get to 14’s, then 12’s, and now that I’m in 12’s, my goal is to get into 10’s, after 10’s, I’ll work on 8’s then 6’s.

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